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Friday, March 20, 2009

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At exactly 3.15pm on Saturday, Paul Ince must have felt like he was friendless and out in the cold. His Blackburn team were being ripped apart by a Wigan side who were playing free-flowing football, for arguably the first time at home this season.

It really wasn’t nice to see thousands of Blackburn fans throw their arms towards Ince with chants of ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’. Fair enough, these fans had paid £30 to watch what was a shower of shite in the first half, but it is never nice to see someone lose their job, unless their name is Piers Morgan.

Wigan are now up to 9th in the league and with a bit of a break in the league, due to Manchester United embarking on their money spinning trip to Japan. Their next game is at home to Newcastle on Boxing Day. Win that and they really are on one hell of a roll.

One last point. There were many Blackburn fans in santa costumes at the match on Saturday, but they left early in the second half, when it was rumoured that Ince had got the sack.

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