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Friday, March 20, 2009

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Without a doubt, Barcelona are the team that most clubs will look to avoid. They appear to have got over their little blip and are in fairly barnstorming form yet again. Saying that, there’s never any point in looking to avoid any side in the Champions League because if you’re looking to win the thing you’ll have to beat the best anyway. Plus, we are the holders so we should have absolutely no fear in facing any side at all!

Onto the next topic; the away at Fulham on Saturday. Fulham (in the FA Cup) we beat them 4-0, with goals from Park, Roo and Tevez. After that match everyone was quick to say how unbeatable are and how they don’t even have to try to win anymore. This time, however, is different. Despite still being 4 points ahead of ‘Pool and Chelsea at the top of the EPL with a game in hand united should see this as something to prove. After being demolished by Liverpool last Saturday there have been immediate retractions regarding peeps’ statements about united’s invincibility. If united don’t win against Fulham then they’re be even more saying that we’re letting the title slip. In my opinion united need to win, and win big if only just to silence the naysayers.

I really hope we hammer Fulham and put the Liverpool game behind us. Because if we do beat Fulham convincingly we can put to bed the doubts and put down the Liverpool defeat as just an awful, tiny blip.

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