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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Domenech continues to get panned by the French press, while crowds at France home games howl with derision when his name or face appears on giant screens in the stadia. However, French Football Federation (FFF) president Jean-Pierre Escalettes, who gave his full backing to Domenech after the Euros, will stick by his man until the end of the World Cup qualifying campaign, whatever happens along the way. 

"The (federation's) federal council made a decision and it has confirmed it since," Escalettes told French channel L'Equipe TV. 

"It said at the time that Raymond would be going all the way to the end of qualification and we are not going to review this after the third match, after the fourth match, after the fifth match.

His demeanour and attitude in front of the press have changed, prompted by a request by Escalettes and the FFF to improve his relationship with the media in the wake of the Euro 2008 debacle.

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