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Friday, April 24, 2009

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ZABALETA - 6 clearly didn't look fit and didn't really cope all afternoon. 

ONUOHA - 8 outstanding again for city and only for him we may not have won this game. 

DUNNE - 7 played better in the last 20 mins to keep Albion at bay and made some good tackles late on. 

BRIDGE - 5 the games seem to keep passing him by and he as well doesn't look fit. 

DE JONG - 6 yet again played to deep even for a defensive midfielder and only passed the ball forwards twice. 

KOMPANY - 6 like De Jong really he plays to deep and seems to give away needless fouls in dangerous places all the time. 

IRELAND - 6 not his best game and he looks drained. A great run and pass at the end to Sturridge though to make the points safe. 

ELANO - 8 was Eastlands MOTM but I would go for Ned as MOTM but Elano had a great game and I'm baffled why he got subbed again for the headless chicken. 

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